Jan. 7, 2023

#554 - 01-03-23 - Best of 2022: Split Albums

#554 - 01-03-23 - Best of 2022: Split Albums
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554 - Recorded live on January 03, 2023

Best of 2022: Split Albums - Featuring a selection of my favorite Split Albums from the past year. To see the full list of Split Albums check below, or head over to nstmradio.com/blog/best-of-2022/ to view the entire 'Best of' list!

Ambience for the night: The Oracle / Nightmare Spirit

1) De Gevreesde Ziekte - Zwartgallig
2) Gl​ö​qke - Chien de guerre en disgr​â​ce ou la d​é​ch​é​ance du mercenaire
3) Likferd - Giants of Old
4) Krieg - The Nights Are Long But The Years Are Short
5) Funeral Procession - Sylent Is the Lone Voyce That Cryeth in the VVildernesse
6) Aarkanne - Moontower Ecstasy
7) Zmyrna - Canticum octavum
8) Old Leshy - Zgliszcza słowiańskiej wiary
9) Dragon's Relic - In the Dark Caves of the End Times
10) Imago Mortis - Donna Lombarda

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